Jean White


Both of my parents were bookkeepers who owned their own business in Buckeye, Arizona and specialized in farms and ranches. Understandably, this is where I worked every Spring and Summer vacation.


Through the years, my employment was always in the administrative and/or bookkeeping fields.  I have worked with Webster University; a government contracted position with adult education departments while stationed overseas; American Red Cross where I was responsible for the accounting of the main station (Ft. Jackson, SC) plus two sub stations (Myrtle Beach AFB, SC and Shaw AFB, SC); Flagstaff, AZ Special Education Dept; Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, IL where I was the office manager for the Speech and Audiology graduate program and their clinic (75 clients from newborns to 99-yr olds, 43 clinicians/grad students and 7 faculty).  In my spare time I have volunteered as the bookkeeper for a  consignment shop staffed by other volunteers (dependent spouses). This shop used their proceeds to fund scholarships.


In several of these positions I was responsible for invoice tracking, purchase orders, inventory, travel vouchers, accounts receivable, plus monthly/quarterly/annual financial reports.


I dearly love working with our veterans because I am the daughter of a veteran (WWII and Korean War), the sister of a veteran, the spouse of a veteran (from Viet Nam thru Desert Storm) and the mother of a veteran (Bosnia).  In all those capacities I have encountered “issues” where veterans were not treated with the concern that they had earned and so rightly deserved. My husband and I took on the job of caregiver to my father who had also been a POW under the hospitality of Hitler. He was in 3 prison camps to include Stalag III. ALL OF HIS HEALTH ISSUES were due to his 18-month confinement, but yet when he moved to the St. Louis region to be closer to us that VA hospital stated that he “did not deserve any special treatment” when in fact each and every VA hospital has a mandated social worker and a department dedicated to prisoners of war.  That was my introduction to the unfairness of the VA system. My husband (Dub) and I made a vow that when we retired that we would do whatever we could to assist veterans so that this would never ever happen to another veteran….ever EVER again.  I feel honored and privileged to work in a minimal capacity to aid our veterans. I only wish I could do more but I feel that each of us plays a part in the problem solving of the puzzle and then we come together forming the team to create and solve the whole puzzle.