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Lisa pic

Lisa Saylor, Director of Constituent Service in the US Representative Billy Long's office

Darla pic

Darla Schuchman, from the Golden Corral in Branson

Pizza Ranch

VMCO Fundraiser at Branson's Pizza Ranch. Helping out are the following VMCO Board members: Seated (L-R): Jean White, Lindel Gore. Standing (L-R): William White, Sandy Wilkinson, Ed Wilson, Wendell Clare, Dennis Goss, Jackie Wollenburg, Bill Wollenburg.

Continuing To Serve - Veterans Serving Veterans
The Veterans and Military Coalition of the Ozarks (VMCO) (hereinafter referred to as the “Coalition”) promotes communication and coordination between all recognized veterans and military organizations in an approximate 200 mile radius of Branson. The Coalition’s objective is that affiliated Veteran and Military Service Organizations working together on issues of  mutual agreement, can harness the grassroots support of local veteran/military constituents and families to accomplish far more than by working on these initiatives as separate organizations. The Coalition maintains communication with all Coalition organizations to provide a unity of effort and keeping all informed of local, state and federal legislation, programs and initiatives affecting veterans, military members and families; thereby, achieving common goals and maximizing positive impacts. The Veterans and Military Coalition of the Ozarks is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization qualifying under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.


  • Extensive experience and resources to advise and assist in preparing claims and medical care

  • Liaison with local medical facilities

  • Legal resources specializing in veterans’ issues.

  • Referrals to agencies most capable of providing specific support

  • Mobility device maintenance and repair

  • Locating nursing home care, adult foster care, assisted living and/or adult daycare

  • Survivor assistance for spouse and family following the death of a veteran or service member

  • Promote veterans and military support through local community support organizations

All volunteer services and efforts

are provided free of charge

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